About me

In 2014 I began to explore wet-plate collodion photography. I saw in this mid-nineteenth century process an opportunity to reconnect with photography in a tactile and physical way. I had lost this connection when I left the darkroom for the sterile, hyper-perfect digital world where authenticity is so often stripped away through countless edits and filters.

Using fine, rare lenses dating back to the 1850's mounted to simple, box and bellows type cameras, images are created one image at a time by hand using light and chemistry. Every image is a one-of-a-kind original. No wrinkles are removed, no skies are darkened. Perfect imperfection. 

Along with my passion for wet-plate photography, I am an active commercial photographer with twenty-five years of experience under my belt. When I'm not working with chemicals and 150 year old lenses and cameras, I am often on the road or in my studio shooting assignments for ad agencies, corporations and freelance designers throughout the region. 

When I'm not looking through a lens, it's all about the fishing.

Douglas Lloyd